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SwapBox, A Week Recap | All spots for the launch have been filled!

There is so much going on at SwapBox it is easy to miss some of the exciting news that we have announced last week, from new brands; to filling all the available spots for the launch this December 1st in Amsterdam. So we have recapped all the important announcements in this article.

Last week started very exciting with the announcement that Poké Bowl Original Amsterdam has joined the reusable food packaging revolution! The brand which was the first restaurant in the Benelux area to start doing Hawaiian style poké bowls is located in the Ferdinand Bolstraat in de Pijp. The medium reusable SwapBox is perfect for the poké bowls that are so beloved by the guests of the Pijp based restaurant.

"We have seen the development of SwapBox from the beginning when they started a year ago and they have created an easy to use system that does not require a deposit! We have great belief in the success of SwapBox and are delighted to be working with them!" Poké Bowl Orginal

Following Poké Bowl Original on Wednesday was Henny's Homemade Bio Food as the 4th brand to join SwapBox from the 1st of December in Amsterdam. The restaurant and store located on the Rozengracht in the city centre have been convinced of the reusable packaging concept from the very beginning! Henny serves healthy foods and snacks whilst also catering to vegan and gluten-free dietary requirements.

Also on Wednesday, the news that ASA Vegan Sushi will also be offering all customers the reusable food packaging option from SwapBox. ASA Vegan Sushi is a flexible Sushi concept that tours around restaurants throughout Amsterdam offering a wide variety of vegan sushi options. ASA will first offer SwapBox 14th & 16th December! The decision for ASA to choose reusable SwapBox packaging was an easy one.

"In Japan, delivery in reusable boxes have been a long tradition (we put containers outside our houses and no one takes them" ASA Vegan Sushi

The two brands that followed ASA Vegan Sushi were Simz Exotic Food & TerraZen Centre! Simz Exotics Food is a family run business located in the 9 streets of Amsterdam. The restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes such as roti and nasi goreng. TerraZen Centre is located in the near central station and offers vegan dishes from the Caribbean and Japanese cuisines.

During the rest of the week, SwapBox was able to confirm several other brands which will be announced during the upcoming week. The goal of the pilot was to have ten restaurants participate and increase from there, however, currently, this number has already been exceeded. This has led to the decision that at this moment SwapBox will not be onboarding any extra restaurants, the team is, however, working very hard to increase the capacity as soon as possible. An overview of all announced brands can be found here.

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