How it works!

How it works!

How it works!

2. The kitchen prepares meals as usual but packages them using reusable SwapBox packaging.

1. A guest walks in, orders takeaway and decides to use SwapBox, great!

4. Connect order to your guest by using their email address and personal code.

3. Using the SwapBox app you scan the outgoing packaging and bag.

Why choose SwapBox?

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Sustainable and zero-waste food packaging

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Never worry about your packaging inventory again

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Reduce packaging cost

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Improve guest experience with high-quality packaging

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Zero start-up cost

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Increase guest retention


Packaging Options

The goal is to offer all the packaging options that restaurants can dream of and we are working very hard to bring extra options to our assortment. SwapBox currently offers four different reusable packaging options. The SwapBox packaging is designed, developed and designed in Belgium which allows us to work closely with our production partners to quickly expand our inventory as well as our assortment.


The Benefits of SwapBox

Sustainable and Zero-Waste Food Packaging

The food packaging that SwapBox offers is extremely sustainable. The most important reason that the SwapBox packaging is so sustainable is that we are able to recycle them in a closed-loop system. This means that we return our packaging at the end of its lifecycle to our suppliers. At the supplier's factory, they are recycled into new SwapBox packaging products. This ensures that there is no waste from any of the packaging that you provide your guests with.

Reduce Packaging Cost

SwapBox works with a pay-per-use system, this system allows us to price the different types of SwapBoxes very competitively. The price for each SwapBox is on average lower than the disposable and unsustainable alternative. The pay-per-use system is updated automatically using the SwapBox App, this leaves 0% room for errors. Another reason SwapBox saves cost is that we handle all the inventory management so you can focus and your guests!

Zero Start-Up Cost

To offer  SwapBox at your restaurant is totally free. This is because of the pay-per-use system. The only time that cost related to the use of SwapBox occur is when an order is transferred to your guest's SwapBox account. So if no-one uses SwapBox, (this has never happened) you are not charged any costs.

Never Worry About Your Packaging Inventory Again

We will come to your restaurant every day to update your packaging inventory. When you join SwapBox we will set a standard inventory together and every day we will visit and fill up your inventory. How? In our system, we can see the inventory of every restaurant and if you are low on SwapBox packaging we promise to come as soon as possible to renew your inventory. 

Improve Guest Experience with High Quality Packaging

Tired of offering your guest food that tastes like cardboard because you are using compostable/biodegradable packaging to be sustainable. With the reusable SwapBox packaging, you are able to offer your guest the best taste and experience out there! Food which is stored for 1 or 2 days in the fridge keeps its taste and texture a lot more when using the reusable SwapBox packaging. And let's not forget, it looks amazing!


Article: Why Biodegradable and compostable packaging is bad for the environment. 

Increase Guest Retention

By using SwapBox, firstly you are able to increase your guest retention because they will return to your restaurant with their old packaging. Secondly, SwapBox users might decide to repeat orders at your restaurant because your competition is not offering the same sustainable option. 

Work with SwapBox

I am interested in making a positive change!

Frequently asked questions

Can I offer both disposable and SwapBox packaging at my restaurant?

Yes, it is possible to offer your guest the choice. We understand that there will be a transitioning period where not everyone uses reusable packaging.

What does it cost to start using SwapBox?

There currently are no start-up cost when joining SwapBox. The pay-per-use system ensures that you only incur cost when one of your guests uses SwapBox at your restaurant.

Does SwapBox cost anything extra for my guests?

No, guests that use SwapBox can do so free of charge. It is also not allowed to charge your guest extra for the SwapBox packaging option.

The current packaging options do not match my meals, will there be new options coming?

Yes, we are working on new packaging that fit with other cuisines and restaurants. From experience, we know that the current option already caters to most dishes and sometimes it does not hurt to be a little creative.

May I charge my customers extra for SwapBox?

No, guests that use SwapBox can do so free of charge. We are already asking something big from our users which is to return the SwapBox to drop-off point.

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