Frequently asked questions

Does SwapBox cost anything to use?

No, SwapBox is entirely free for users.

You get 14 days to return the SwapBox, after that its a 1 euro late fee.

What happens if I return my SwapBox late?

If you missed your return date, your account will be temporarily locked, and you cannot borrow any new SwapBoxes.

To use SwapBox again, you have two options.

Option 1: We like our packaging too, so we understand if you want to keep it. You can buy the SwapBox in the SwapBox app, this will also automatically activate your account again.

Option 2: You can return the SwapBox and pay a small late fee of €1 per late SwapBox. After we have received the SwapBoxes, your account will automatically be re-activated.

Where can I return my SwapBox?

You can return your SwapBox at any of the affiliated restaurants or drop-off points, an overview can be found here.

I returned my SwapBox but it still shows in my account

It can take up to 24 hours for us to collect your SwapBox from the drop-off point.

Once we have collected the SwapBox it will be removed from your account.

Do not worry, your account will not be blocked if your have returned the SwapBox on time to the drop-off point.

How long can I keep my SwapBox?

You have 14 days from the day you checked out the SwapBox to return it to any drop-off point.

I have broken or lost my SwapBox, what do I do now?

In the unfortunate event that you either break or lose your SwapBox please contact us and we will help you.

Do I need to clean my SwapBox before returning it?

Yes, we kindly ask you to rinse any food leftovers out of the SwapBox before returning it.

Hmm, why do the portion size seem different when using SwapBox?

We offer 4 standard sizes that might not match perfectly with the restaurant's disposable packaging options. All SwapBox restaurants promise that all portions are the same for SwapBox and disposable options.