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Rent Reusable Packaging for Any Occasion

Packaging Rental - Sustainable and Convenient Solutions for Your Business

SwapBox's packaging rental service offers eco-friendly and cost-effective reusable food and drink packaging options for businesses and events. Our diverse inventory includes food containers, coffee cups, festival cups, and transport crates for event-based rentals or ongoing inventory solutions. With our inventory financing options, clients can choose their preferred packaging types and suppliers while minimizing upfront costs. Opt for a sustainable packaging solution and enhance your brand's environmental impact with SwapBox.

Packaging Options

Discover our flexible and eco-friendly packaging rental options designed to meet the needs of businesses, events, and more.

Food Packaging

Rent a variety of food packaging options, including bowls, containers, and pizza boxes.

Coffee Cups

Choose reusable coffee cups for your business or event to reduce waste and promote sustainability.

Festival Cups

Opt for our reusable festival cups to enhance your event's sustainability and customer experience.

Crates for Transport

Improve your transport efficiency with our reusable crates, designed for easy stacking and handling.

Rental Process & Duration

Our packaging rental service offers two convenient options to suit your needs: event-based rentals for single-use occasions, and set inventory rentals available for a monthly fee. With no restrictions on rental duration or frequency, you can tailor our service to your specific requirements.


The cost of our packaging rental service depends on factors such as rental duration, type of packaging, and whether you opt for a one-time use or a monthly rental arrangement. Get in touch with us to learn more about our competitive pricing options.

Quality Control & Assurance

At SwapBox, we're committed to maintaining the quality and hygiene of our rented packaging. All items are thoroughly cleaned at our Washing as a Service hub, ensuring they meet the highest standards. 

Get Started with Our Packaging Rental Service

Ready to embrace a more sustainable and convenient approach to packaging? Contact us today to learn more about our packaging rental options.

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