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Professional Cleaning for Your Reusable Packaging

Washing as a Service - Professional Cleaning for Reusable Food & Drink Packaging

Discover our comprehensive washing service for businesses in Amsterdam, Brussels, and the entire Benelux region. We handle reusable containers at a commercial scale, ensuring top-notch cleanliness and hygiene.

Cleaning Process & Quality Standards

SwapBox' Commercial Dishwashing Machine

At SwapBox, our top priority is to deliver outstanding cleanliness and hygiene for your reusable food and drink packaging. Our cleaning process is carried out in a dedicated hygienic cleanroom, which ensures a controlled environment free from contaminants.

To guarantee the highest quality standards, we adhere to HACCP regulations and implement stringent testing procedures. We perform ATP and allergen testing on every batch of items we wash. If a client desires a higher frequency of testing, we can easily accommodate their request. Furthermore, we conduct daily ATP and allergen tests on workbenches within the hygienic room to maintain a consistently clean workspace.

In the event a test returns a positive result (not clean), we re-wash the entire order at no extra cost, ensuring that only thoroughly sanitized items are returned to the client. If any items are found to be damaged or cannot be cleaned properly, we separate them and provide a detailed report to the client, including our comments and pictures for each product. This transparent communication enables the client to address any issues with their end users effectively and promptly.

By employing our rigorous cleaning process and maintaining strict quality standards, we strive to provide our clients with the confidence and peace of mind that their reusable packaging is both safe and hygienic.

Environmental Impact & Technology

We utilize cutting-edge technology to minimize our environmental impact. Our dishwasher is an IoT device powered by Diversey's Internet of Clean, ensuring efficient and eco-friendly operations.

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