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SwapBox & Vytal announce strategic partnership

Former “Competitors” VYTAL Global GmbH and SwapBox Netherlands B.V. Announce Strategic Partnership to Take Responsibility for Sustainable Food Packaging Solutions in Benelux

Cologne, May 2nd, 2023 - Vytal, the global leader in digital reusable food packaging solutions, and SwapBox, a reusable packaging eco-system for food and beverage containers, today announced a strategic collaboration to further advance sustainable packaging options for the HORECA industry in the Benelux.

The strategic collaboration aims to integrate Vytal’s and SwapBox’s services and platforms to leverage synergies. Moving forward, restaurants, caterers, canteen businesses and corporate partners will get access to the globally leading reuse system Vytal, a sustainable and holistic solution for to-go and takeaway food, as well as to the professional reverse logistics, unmanned retail solutions and cleaning services from SwapBox. Together, they aim to accelerate the adoption of reusable packaging solutions and reduce waste in the food industry. Both parties share the same vision that operating a depositless system will be vital to transitioning to reusable packaging as it has proven to be more cost-effective for businesses and results in higher container return rates.

“We're thrilled to collaborate with SwapBox to offer our Benelux customers an even more comprehensive range of service options and to drive our common vision of “spreading the use of reuse” in the Benelux”, said Fabian Barthel, Co-founder of Vytal. "At Vytal, we're committed to developing and producing innovative packaging solutions that have a measurable, positive impact on the environment. By partnering with SwapBox, we can expand our reach and offer a more holistic service portfolio on top of our sustainable packaging."

"We're excited to partner with Vytal to bring more sustainable packaging options to the food industry," said Maurits Last, Founder of SwapBox. "Our goal is to make it easy for businesses to adopt sustainable practices, and this collaboration with Vytal will help us achieve that goal. This strategic partnership is the first step in achieving a full-service platform that will enable businesses and consumers to transition to reusable packaging options without the need to work with different systems."

The collaboration between Vytal and SwapBox underscores their commitment to reducing waste and promoting sustainability in the food industry. By working together, they hope to create a more sustainable future for everyone.

About Vytal Global GmbH

Founded to change: Vytal aims to establish itself asthe world's leading technology platform for circular economy and reusable systems. Vytals replace single-use packaging and make a sustainable, future-oriented lifestyle possible for everyone. With its deposit-free and digital reusable solution, Vytal brings restaurateurs, retailers, delivery services and other cooperation partners together with people who want to enjoy food and drinks without unnecessary single-use packaging. The company was named one of the top 50 startups of 2022 by Jung von Matt, and today has around 70 employees working for Vytal across Europe.

About SwapBox Netherlands BV

SwapBox is a reusable packaging system for food and beverages. Our reusable system is digital and works without a deposit. Food service professionals and end-users can use SwapBox as a convenient and sustainable alternative to single-use packaging. SwapBox provides three distinct services WaaS (Washing as a Service), packaging rental and tracking technology levering hardware innovations. The goal of SwapBox is to create and operate a dense infrastructure of cleaning and logistics hubs throughout Europe through innovation and strategic partnerships. We currently operate all our services in the Netherlands and Belgium. At SwapBox the team currently consists of 10 employees.

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