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Food Delivery in SwapBox | Amsterdam

Reusable Packaging Has Never Been Easier to Use

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Enjoy takeout food with our zero-waste, easy and free reusable packaging system.

Make a positive impact on the environment and feel good. 

Read more: Why Biodegradable and compostable packaging is bad for the environment. 

No more leaks or soggy carton.

​Better dining experience, and save your leftovers to reduce food waste.

Each SwapBox can replace up to 500 disposable packaging.

You are only 3 steps from your zero-waste meal

1. Sign Up

To receive SwapBox's reusable packaging start by downloading the SwapBox app in the App Store or Google Play.


Create an account with your email and password. You will get a personalized QR code and SwapBox ID.

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2. Order

When you are at the restaurant ordering takeaway, or using a delivery application, ask for your meal in a reusable SwapBox. No need to pay a deposit, SwapBox is free to borrow. 

For takeaway: show your personal QR code to the employee, they will scan it and the barcode of the SwapBox to link the SwapBox to your account.

For delivery: in the comments section of your order, copy & paste or type in "SwapBox Please" and your SwapBox ID. 

Please remember to microwave without the lid. 

Enjoy your zero-waste meal in a reusable SwapBox! 

3. Return

After finishing your meal, give your SwapBox a quick rinse, no need to wash it. This helps to keep our SwapBoxes in great conditions, so it can save more trash before being recycled.


Drop off your SwapBoxes within 14 days at any of our 100+ partner restaurants found in our partner locator screen. Simply hand your SwapBox to the restaurant employee or drop it in the SwapBox bin. It will take 24 - 48 hours for it to be removed from your account. 

You can also contact SwapBox anytime to get more help.

SwapBox - Zero-Waste Takeaway
Reusable Food Packaging | SwapBox

Absolutely not! Sharing is caring. So go ahead, order for the whole famile. You can borrow as many SwapBoxes as you want with any one order. Also, if you still have a SwapBox from a previous order, you can borrow again without having to return previous ones. Just make sure to not exceed the 14 day return rule for any SwapBox on your account.

When you return your reusable SwapBox(es) to any of our partner locations, the partner is responsible to register the returns. Please don't hesitate to contact us at

Reusable Packaging | SwapBox
Sustainable food packaging | SwapBox

What if I don't return my SwapBox on time? 

Still have questions? 

Can I only borrow one SwapBox at a time? 

Why is my returned SwapBox still on my account?

If you missed your return date, your account will be temporarily locked, and you cannot borrow any new SwapBoxes until you return the overdue SwapBox (Please allow 24 - 48 hours to process the return.)

To get Swapping again, you can unlock your account by paying a late fee of €1 per late SwapBox. 

If you would like to keep the SwapBox, lost a part of the SwapBox, or misplaced it all together. You can email us and we will help you. 


It's not our purpose to make money from late fees or SwapBox purchases. For the purpose of creating a reusable system, the fees simply helps us to cover our costs and ensure that the SwapBoxes remain in circulation. 

There's no catch! We believe that sustainability shouldn't cost more. We keep our operations going by charging a small fee to our restaurant partners. They pay us what you typically pay for disposable packaging, so it's also cost effective for restaurant owners.

How is SwapBox Free? What's the catch?

Please send us any questions and we will be happy to help!


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