Step 2 | Generate QR Code

At the restaurant generate a QR code, the restaurant will scan it to link the order to your account.

Step 4 | The return

You return the SwapBox packaging at any of 20+ the restaurants or drop-off locations in Amsterdam.

Step 1 | Register

Step 3 | Enjoy 

Enjoy your meal!


Step 1 | Choose a restaurant we work with!

Step 2 | Choose your favourite meal!

Step 3 | Add your SwapBox ID to the order remarks!

Step 4 | Wait until you get your favourite food delivered to your home in your favourite reusable food packaging!

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Better packaging means better taste

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Untitled design (10).png

Make a positive impact on the environment and feel good

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Sustainable and zero-waste food packaging

Why choose SwapBox?


Better packaging means better taste

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