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How Time Flies - Six Months of SwapBox!

SwapBox has been live for over 6 months and has already replaced over 4600 single-use packaging!

It feels like yesterday that we launched in Amsterdam and onboarded our first 8 partners, and yet in such a short time frame, we have already made quite an impact. We could not have achieved this without our loyal Swappers and of course our like-minded partners. The most important lesson we’ve learned along the way is the importance of commitment to our mission to fight packaging waste. Our commitment has gotten us through technology issues, inventory shortages (that’s a good problem!), biking in the snow and rain, and created an even more unified team. Also, we’ve remembered to laugh and have fun in our short start-up journey.

Here are some highlights of our past 6 months:

  • Over 3600 packages were saved in The Netherlands, and 1000 saved in Brussels

  • Over 1500 people have joined the SwapBox community

  • SwapBox is available in 75 locations in The Netherlands and 30 locations in Brussels

  • The SwapBox team grew from 3 people to 9 people!

Exciting developments for the summer months:

  • The SwapBox App will be available in the App Store and Google Play - June 4th. Be sure to download it! This is going to make borrowing SwapBox easier and faster. You will be able to check your stock, see partner restaurants, and retrieve your QR code with one simple touch.

  • SwapBox will be rolling out across Sequoia grocery stores in Brussels.

  • Join us in a zero-waste event in Vondelpark in collaboration with Greenlabel Foods.

Why SwapBox?

Yes, we have all heard about the necessity to reduce plastics. Let’s go one step further. At SwapBox, we are fighting to reduce all single-use packaging, which means plastic, bio-plastics, and biodegradable packaging. What the media doesn’t highlight is the fact that carton or biodegradable packaging requires energy and resources to be made, and can only be composted in industrial settings. With SwapBox, each of our packaging can be used up to 500 times, and fully recycled into new SwapBoxes at the end of their lifetime. SwapBox is 20 times more environmentally friendly than the next best compostable option. Together, we are making a difference one SwapBox at a time. Join our fight against packaging waste!

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Hamza Ahmad
Hamza Ahmad
25 juil. 2022

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