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Holy Bagels Striving Towards A More Sustainable Planet!

BRUSSELS - We are very excited to share this new blog post where we feature one of our SwapBox partners. Holy Bagels is a bagel and speciality coffee restaurant in Brussels that became part of the SwapBox network in March. Since then, they have already made over 250 swaps and saved more than 36 kg of waste.

The owners of Holy Bagels, Melodie and Jacques, began their adventure in a food truck in Brussels, serving fresh homemade bagels and coffee. After a few years, they decided to find a permanent home in the beautiful Chatelain neighbourhood in Brussels. You can find Holy Bagels on a sunny corner, most of the time with a small queue of eager and hungry guests. You can be sure to find fresh handmade bagels each day, both sweet and savoury (our favourite is the Kevin 😉) amazing cookies and homemade desserts, all made with a magical sprinkle of love, and care, and the freshest local ingredients they can get their hands on. They also offer a wide range of options for gluten intolerant and vegan clients.

Holy Bagels have always been interested in environmental issues and sustainability. We got the privilege to have a chat with the co-owner, Melodie, who answered a couple of our questions.

Can you tell us about sustainability here at Holy Bagels:

We have been here in Brussels now for five years where we do bagels and speciality coffee. We have always been interested in the sustainability question and how we can improve in any way we can. As soon as we heard about SwapBox, we knew it was meant to be and definitely made sense! We now get to use this reusable packaging and save the world more every day!

How did you get started with SwapBox?

Dejun, one of the founders of SwapBox, was a client here. She introduced us to the concept and talked us into it. We immediately thought it was such a great concept. Ever since we have been working with SwapBox and I think it’s going to stay. It’s the new future!

How has your impact so far been going?

It’s actually been quite amazing just to see how much waste you can actually save just by these boxes! Our clients have been loving it, especially our locals. It can make a difference, so just do it and try it! You won’t be disappointed!

For more information, you can find Holy Bagels in Rue Armand Campenhout 62, 1050 Bruxelles, on Instagram and on their website.

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