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The Best Sustainable Gifts

Christmas can be a very stressful time, you have to arrange and attend, several Christmas dinners and company parties. Every year it seems to be getting busier. To help you out us at SwapBox decided to help you out with the best, coolest and most important: sustainable Christmas gifts for your relatives, business acquaintances and family. There is not only sustainable and reusable food packaging in this list, but we also have deliberately chosen gifts which are sustainable in another way.

This stylish and sustainable travel wash bag is produced from 100% recycled plastic lining. Apart from the stylish design, it is also highly functional. Every Wash Bag comes with a transparent, detachable and reusable liquid bag to store your 100ml travel liquids. The reusable liquid bag is something that we at SwapBox like to see as travellers use an estimated 150 million single-use plastic bags annually, and this solution fights this! To top this off, in the case that the Wash Bag breaks, One Nine 5 offers the option to return the product free of charge and they will recycle all materials.

The Eco Egg Laundry Egg is a reusable solution that will replace your standard washing detergent bottles. The Eco Egg used a combination of two natural minerals and eliminates the use of chemicals. Moreover, as the egg is reusable there is no plastic waste created by empty bottles. What is more, the Laundry Egg is vegan, so if you want you to your washing consciously and sustainably the Egg is a perfect solution.

Pretty Bee Fresh offers reusable food packaging in the form of food wrapping. The company uses bee wax to create wraps to keep your food fresh without creating plastic waste. Using the Pretty Bee Fresh Wraps could be a nice add on to the use of SwapBoxes if you are not able to finish your meal in one sitting. Another feature that beeswax possesses is that it is naturally anti-bacterial similar to bamboo.

Reusable Coffee Capsules

The first recommendation that we have prepared for you is directly linked to the SwapBox concept: reusable food packaging, in this case, drink. This is a perfect gift for a sustainable coffee lover. The capsules eliminate the waste of the well-known aluminium coffee capsules. The reusable Nespresso capsules are not yet for sale through official Nespresso retailers which in our opinion is something that Nespresso should work on. Furthermore, with this gift, you give the recipient the possibility to try coffee flavours outside the scope of the Nespresso brand.

Note: Not all machines use the same capsules so make sure that the machine of the recipient matches the reusable capsule

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