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December recap, a great success!

New Year's Eve, was double special for us this year! It was the end of a chaotic and uncertain year that for us, luckily symbolized our growth and innovation as a start-up. On the other hand, it was also the last day of our first month in which we offered our full-service reusable packaging service. At SwapBox we believe that it was a great success, let's have a look at why!

We sent out a survey to all of our users at the end of December and we were blown away by the response rate, 33%! Not only the response rate was high, so was the involvement of our users, they actively gave us amazing feedback which already led to the first update in the SwapBox Web App which is the QR code for users. The results were very positive and gave us great insights into where we stand.

Let's look at the core first, the experience that our users have when enjoying their meal is very important to us. The result speaks for itself, users really have a better experience when eating from a reusable SwapBox bowl when compared to a sloppy disposable bowl. This shows that SwapBox is not only a sustainable but also a qualitative solution for restaurants.

The rest of the results also speak for itself, 96,8% of our users would recommend SwapBox' reusable packaging service to their friends! What really surprised us was that more than 75% said that they would make the decision when ordering based on whether the restaurants offer SwapBox' reusable packaging. This means that our affiliated restaurants are rewarded for being early adapters of our reusable packaging service.

We also asked our users how they would rank the entire SwapBox experience, we received an average score of 9,1. We are very happy to hear that our customers are enjoying the SwapBox experience, this gives us the energy and power to improving the processes and improve our score even more!

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