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Horecava 2020, a great succes for SwapBox

This years edition of the Horecava was a great success for SwapBox. The goal of the exhibition was to meet new potential clients and present the product to the hospitality industry.

During the Horecava SwapBox was able to introduce its innovative concept to the hospitality industry. The positive feedback that SwapBox received from visitors exceeded set expectations, which resulted in a lot of productive meetings with fellow entrepreneurs. SwapBox also used the Horecava to make a statement with the big sign stating: "F*CK DISPOSABLES". With this statement, SwapBox wanted to send the message that even though a lot of disposables can be recycled; they end up not being recycled and that reusing is always better than recycling. The message was positively received by visitors which shows the SwapBox is on the right track to improve the carbon footprint that the takeaway and delivery industry makes.

SwapBox participating in trend tour

At the Horecava, SwapBox was part of a trend tour which was organized for the health care industry. The trend tour highlighted to best and newest innovations at the Horecava. Every day SwapBox got the opportunity to showcase how health care organisations could potentially save the packaging waste that they create. With direct interest from several organisations, SwapBox is now working to help these organisations eliminate their packaging waste. This goes to show that with SwapBox' open mindset and willingness from decision-makers in all industries there is a difference to be made.

A sustainable exhibition!

SwapBox' mission to reduce waste was also present during the Horecava. Where most companies give new contacts business cards, SwapBox decided to ban business cards and use QR codes to share their personal details with new business contacts. Flyers were given away to visitors however, these we made from recycled paper and also featured a QR code with further information, this resulted in a smaller flyer which in turn means that fewer resources were used. Most companies give visitors big brochures with all their products and detailed information, SwapBox sees this as a big waste especially because more often than not visitors return to the website to inform themselves more about a product. Therefore SwapBox had two brochures at the stand and when visitors wanted a copy this was emailed to them. For visitors, this meant that they were not required to carry it with them all day and SwapBox was able to again save paper.

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