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Broeicast Podcast: SwapBox a 'GreenFluence'!

The up and coming sustainability podcast the Broeicast shared there latest podcast yesterday (20-10-2020) and this time the topic of sustainable packaging was tackled. This episode followed a very interesting webinar about packaging featuring Youri Schoemaker from the packaging-free supermarket Pieter Pot. Below you can find the informative webinar about packaging.

Following the webinar, the ladies from Broeicast recorded a very interesting podcast about packaging and plastic. At the end of the podcast, SwapBox got a special mention as a 'GreenFluence', these are sustainable initiatives that the Broeicast would like to highlight!

We are very proud that we were mentioned during the podcast and we would also like to thank the Broeicast for the kind words! Below you can find the entire episode, the 'GreenFluence' segment starts around 24:00. Unfortunately, the podcast is entirely in Dutch so we have provided a translated transcript of the SwapBox mention.


"I also spoke to one of the founders from SwapBox who have started this fairly new initiative but they are eliminating single-use plastic packaging, like sushi bowls which you normally throw out but you could also offer reusable packaging. This packaging can then be returned to one of the drop-off points and that is how it works. The convenience is something that they have to work on and innovative in, but they did mention that they want a drop-off point at each corner of a street. So when you are on your way to work you can just quickly drop off the SwapBoxes and that would be super easy and cool!" ... "Just imagine how much packaging waste is created with all those orders"

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