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We are on the mission to eliminate disposable packaging waste, one SwapBox at a time. 

SwapBox is a reusable packaging service built upon a zero-waste vision. 


Each person creates 250 KG + of packaging waste each year. Each SwapBox can be reused up to 500 times, saving 500 disposable packages.

We got tired of leaky takeout containers, eating out of soggy packaging, and filling trash bins after each delivery order. That's why we created SwapBox - a revolutionary reusable packaging system that is free and convenient for everyone to use. We are out to create a future where reusable packaging is the norm and no longer the exception.

As the famous quote goes - Each one of us can make a difference. Together we make change. 

We have already saved over 20,000 pieces of takeout packages, and we are only getting started.





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Brussels Sales

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SwapBox Ambassador


SwapBox Ambassador

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SwapBox Ambassador

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Sustainability and Social Responsbility

SwapBox is not just committed to fighting packaging waste by offering reusable packaging, we are committed to delivering reusable packaging in the most sustainable and efficient way possible. When we are choosing our suppliers we are not cost-driven, we focus on finding suppliers that share our mission to create products and services that contribute to fighting climate change. A great example is our partnership with our dishwasher supplier Hobart. Together we are continuously working on improving the sustainability of our dishwasher through innovative solutions to reduce the water and electricity needed to deliver clean reusable SwapBoxes. By creating these strategic partnerships we are continuously reducing our own carbon footprint when providing the world with our reusable packaging solutions. 

Closing the Loop

Each SwapBox can be reused up to 500 times before being reprocessed raw plastic polymer, and remade into new SwapBoxes. All within a close distance of 150km in Belgium and The Netherlands. 

Eco Footprint

Our flyers are printed on recycled paper, but to go the extra mile, we also plant trees to compensate for our paper usage.


We visit our restaurant partners on a electric bike and electric scooter. When we need to take a car, we opt to rent electric ones.


Our washing facilities are equipped with the most water and energy efficient Hobart dishwashers. The machines uses it's own steam to keep the water warm. It also has a smart filtering system, so we can use less water to wash more.