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SwapBox is a reusable packaging service providing packaging supply, cleaning, logistics, and tracking technology. 


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Our Solutions

​Packaging Supply

  • Made in Belgium

  • Polypropylene Plastic

  • Reusable up to 500x, recycled in closed loop production

  • Saves 50g waste, 150g carbon emissions per use

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Tech enabled tracking

  • User and Professional app to facilitate the borrow and return process

  • Easy to use

  • Track your impact


Cleaning Services

  • Processes up to 20,000 pieces per day

  • HOBART Energy Recovery machine

  • Strict hygiene standards

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  • Friendly biker team, always with a smile

  • Electric fleet

  • Flexible scheduled pickup and drop off

Need a custom solution?

No business is the same. We partner with enterprises to develop the optimal solution for their operational needs. We are assisted by a leading Dutch product design and development team, and one of the best tech development firms in Amsterdam. Get in touch for an introductory session. 

Rewards and Nominations
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Going zero-waste is easy
The SwapBox Mobile App
SwapBox - Zero-Waste Takeaeway
SwapBox - Zero-Waste Takeaway

Why is this important?

Each EU inhabitant throws away 174 kilos of packaging waste each year. By 2050, plastic production will contribute to 13% of carbon emissions globally, 40% of that is for single-use packaging. Sure cardboard is slightly better...but who likes cutting down trees when we are busy planting them. 

Good news, according to the EU, by January 2023, food businesses will be required to offer reusable packaging.