Too much trash in your enterprise?

SwapBox delivers and collects containers and cups, cleans and sanitizes them at our own industrial washing facility, and then returns them back to you.

We service workplaces, arenas, schools, production sets. 

SwapBox is affordable, requires minimal staff training, and can be implemented quickly.

You will also receive impact metrics like waste, carbon, and water reduction that can be used in your company's reporting. We supply marketing and training materials and provide ongoing support to ensure the program is a success!


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Who we work with



Wow employees and guests by serving meals in high quality reusable packaging. Facility managers appreciate our hassle-free full service solution.

See waste savings and apply them towards your ESG goals.




We work with schools, hospitals, or corporate canteens for waste free takeaway food. 

Need custom product, special tech integration, or a low-tech solution? Ask us.

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Busy with office clients, events, movie productions, at home deliveries? Standout to your clients by adding reusable packaging to your offering. 

Mix and match our services to find the best solution for your needs. 




Already have your own reusable packaging system and you need help with the cleaning? 

Our custom built high volume dish washer uses the most eco-friendly energy and chemicals on the market, and hygiene testing protocols.

Some of Our Clients

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St Johns

Office Case Study

Each day, Vermaat prepares the meals in SwapBoxes. After enjoying the meal, Bain employees simply rinse the SwapBoxes and drop them into a return bin. We pick up the used ones when we drop off clean inventory.


In one month, Bain saved over 1600 pieces of packaging and over 80kg of trash, 112 kg CO2 reduction, 1240 liters water savings compared to manufacturing 1600 typical single-use containers. 

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Catering Case Study

For offices between 10 - 200 employees, DIS Daily Catering offers artisanal lunches with the sole purpose of fueling the fit and sharp people of Amsterdam with food that is not just good as in tasty, but also rather nice to the planet and the people who grow fresh things on it. 

Green delivered in our SwapBoxes, employees can enjoy handmade, responsible lunch - 90% of which made from Dutch ingredients. Any leftovers can be taken home in the SwapBox and returned to the office at a later date, minimizing food waste. An office-caterer like no other.

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Movie Production
Case Study


A Toute Faims Utiles achieved 100% return rate for all SwapBoxes used on a production site for 3 months for 30 people each day.  

They received great appreciation for serving meals in reusable packaging, enabling a reduction of waste and sustainable spirit on set.

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