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Whether you are a team of 10 or 2000. We make it easy for you and your employees to enjoy a waste free meal. 

Our full-service include reusable packaging, drop off bins, logistics and washing, so you can focus on your work.

Making zero-waste office lunches easy

Covid-19 exploded the amount of disposable packaging used for lunch at Bain's office. So they turned to SwapBox for a zero-waste solution that made their caterer Vermaat and their employees happier.


Each day, Vermaat prepares the meals in SwapBoxes. After enjoying the meal, Bain employees simply rinse the SwapBoxes and drop them into a return bin. We pick up the used ones when we drop off clean inventory.


In one month, Bain saved over 1600 pieces of packaging and over 120KG of trash. 

Sounds too easy? Well it is.

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Our Amsterdam Catering Partner

For offices between 10 - 200 employees, DIS Daily Catering offers artisanal lunches with the sole purpose of fueling the fit and sharp people of Amsterdam with food that is not just good as in tasty, but also rather nice to the planet and the people who grow fresh things on it. 

Green delivered in our SwapBoxes, employees can enjoy handmade, responsible lunch - 90% of which made from Dutch ingredients. Any leftovers can be taken home in the SwapBox and returned to the office at a later date, minimizing food waste. An office-caterer like no other.


+31 207 37 12 78 

Our Brussels Catering Partner


A Toutes Faims Utiles, Artisan traiteur éco responsable, se charge de l'organisation traiteur de vos évènements professionnel et vous propose :


  • Des formules tendances et conviviale

  • Une cuisine moderne durable, raffinée, saine et savoureuse entièrement faites maison

  • Des associations de saveurs créatives

  • Des produits frais sélectionnés avec soin pour leurs qualités gustative auprès de petits producteurs et artisans locaux

  • Une approche éco responsable orienté zéro déchet




+32 496 90 28 70