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We offer washing-as-a-service in Amsterdam and Brussels for businesses that need or already have reusable containers and are looking for a washing partner at a commercial scale.

Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your packaging type and washing needs: 



We perform 1 ATP & 1 allergen test to every batch washed. In the case that a higher frequency is preferred, this can be arranged upfront. If a batch is cleaned in 2 sessions, testing will be performed during each session.


We also perform daily ATP & allergen tests on workbenches within the hygienic room.


In the event that a test has a positive result (not clean) the whole order will be washed again by us free of charge.


Reusables that we are unable to be cleaned properly or damaged will be held separate and reported to the client at the end of the order. Our report will include our comments and pictures for each product. This can then clearly be communicated to the user of the reusables.

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