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SwapBox & WePack merge to realize international growth plans!

Amsterdam - 01/ 02/ 2021 - Today, SwapBox and WePack have merged to continue as SwapBox. The two companies distribute reusable takeaway food and beverage packaging to restaurants to fulfil the mission of eliminating disposable packaging waste. The aim of the merger is to achieve market expansion and increase impact to solve the global packaging waste problem. The newly merged team will be mentored by the Impact Hub of Amsterdam in their startup program.

Dejun Li - Co-Founder SwapBox, previous founder WePack: ‘The merger of the two companies allows more focus on fulfilling the mission which is to be more than a packaging solution. Our culture of Do Good and Do More transcends to how we approach our relationships with restaurants, involvement in local and international NGOs, building tech that enables convenience for users, and working with our suppliers to reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

The proliferation of food packaging waste has been expedited by Covid 19, which has fueled the boom in the delivery of food services. Of all plastic produced, 40% is single-use plastic packaging that is used for minutes and pollutes for generations. Furthermore, the bio-based compostable packaging used by eco-conscious restaurants does not naturally decompose and require significant waste management. The Dutch government has recently announced the ban of plastic packaging by July 2021. To tackle the issue of packaging waste requires a shift in consumer behaviour that can only be achieved through a new system that is easy to adopt, while also making business sense for industry participants.

SwapBox has built a triple-win system that reduces packaging waste, is free and convenient to use for consumers and is cost-effective for foodservice businesses. Since its launch in December 2020, SwapBox has prevented over 1500 pieces of disposable packaging. Through the SwapBox Web App, restaurants offer reusable packaging to their guests without requiring a deposit to borrow the packaging. The SwapBox network has grown from starting with 15 to currently servicing 40 partners in Amsterdam. SwapBox is now preparing to launch in The Hague, Rotterdam, Maastricht and Brussels by the 1st of March. The company aims to create a network where users can return packaging at every street corner. With the current growth plans, SwapBox will also look to raise their seed capital in April/May this year.

Maurits Last - Co-Founder SwapBox, ‘with the merging of the two companies we have a bigger platform to make more impact faster, we are now striving to have saved our first ton of plastic waste by April this year. As the consequences of plastic waste are continuously becoming more dangerous we cannot expand fast enough to do our part in finding a universal solution’.

Maxime van Zanden - Co-Founder SwapBox, ‘By taking the competences of both parties we strive to make a greater and even faster impact. With the network and expertise combined, we are able to expand and optimize the concept where reusable packaging is easy to use and will become the norm for the future. Therewith, we will be able to really make a difference’.

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