Meal Services

The potential to reduce plastic waste in the meal service business is enormous and that is why at SwapBox we are excited to offer solutions for meal services. First of all, what do we mean with meal services? With meal service packaging we are aiming to serve companies that offer ready-made meals for a longer period, for example, one week. 

We advise that when your customers are ordering their meals, they are charged a deposit. During the delivery, your customers will have the opportunity to return SwapBox packaging. The deposit can then be returned to your customers. The system is very similar to the blue crates that Albert Heijn uses when making their deliveries. 

Do you not deliver your orders yourself and does your delivery company not allow immediate returns of items like the packaging. We know this can be a real issue and therefore we have found a clever way to solve this problem, want to know what? Let's get in touch!

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