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Join our revolution against disposable packaging waste.

Each SwapBox can replace up to 500 disposable packaging.

Start using SwapBox for free in 100+ locations.

Why Should You Care

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How SwapBox Works

Our Triple Win

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Enjoy takeout food with our zero-waste, easy and  free reusable packaging system.


Make a positive impact on the environment and feel good. 

Better dining experience, and save your leftovers to reduce food waste. 

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Save money compared to disposable packaging costs. 

Be recognized for leadership in sustainability.

Attract a unique customer and build loyalty. 

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Each SwapBox eliminates 300 - 500 pieces of waste.

Our CO2 emissions are 20x lower than disposable packaging.

100% of SwapBoxes are recycled or upcycled at the end of their useful life.

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One place to see your status, redeem rewards, and find partner locations.

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One place to see all your account activities.

Scan to borrow & return, and best of all, collect SwapBox points!

See offers and promotions from our partners, exclusive for SwapBox users.

Redeem your points for freebies, products, or donate to a cause.

See partner location information for borrowing and returns.

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