Elderly & Home Care

The elderly care offers great opportunities to reduce the plastic packaging waste that it generates. Why? We believe in a structured system to introduce re-usable packaging and the home care catering business is perfect. As all customers are returning on a regular basis, it is easy to collect used containers when the next delivery is made. 
Home care organizations working with SwapBox have seen a reduction in costs, this is because no waste that needs to be collected and the 1-time use of re-usable SwapBox containers is lower in costs than disposable options.


From experience, we know that a lot of elderly consumers are brought meals for several days and therefore like to heat up their meals in the microwave. For these reasons SwapBox has designed its packaging containers to be suitable for the microwave and because the containers are microwave safe, we have added a ventilation valve which allows easy air circulation during the heating process. 

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