Hire our Cleaning Service


We offer washing-as-a-service in Amsterdam and Brussels for businesses that need or already have reusable containers and are looking for a washing partner at a commercial scale.

Here are the preferred specifications of the reusable containers we can wash safely and efficiently: 

  • No risk of shattering during washing, handling, or transport

  • Washable with soap, water, and commercial washing agents

  • Fits in a commercial kitchen dish rack (max 20” x 20” x 17")

  • Stackable and can nest into one another


Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your packaging type and washing needs: info@swap-box.com 



Hygiene safety is our top priority.


Our partners, Hobart and EcoLab supplies us with industry leading dishwasher and chemicals to help improve the cleanliness of our SwapBoxes. SwapBox adheres to EU, The Netherlands, and Belgium regulatory requirements in the washing of all products. 

All damaged products are replaced immediately when they are returned to our facilities. 

Damaged products are collected for recycling.