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  3. Receive returned SwapBoxes

  4. Wash for reuse


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Why should you become a SwapBox partner?

Quality Experience

Improve guest experience with high quality packaging, keep food fresher for longer

Make Customers Happy

85% of customers say sustainable packaging is important to their purchasing decisions 

Be Sustainable

Each SwapBox saves 50g of packaging waste and 150g of carbon emissions

Easy Set Up

No need to buy packaging, only pay for what you use, and no time committment

Serve your meals in a SwapBox with 3 simple steps

1. Scan the QR code or enter the delivery ID

Takeaway: To create a new order, simply scan the customer's QR code.

Delivery: To create a new order, type in the 4 digit delivery ID the customer specified in their order. 

B2B SwapBox App

2. Scan the barcode

A second screen will ask you to scan the barcode on the SwapBox.


Press confirm to complete the order.

B2B SwapBox App

3. Manage Inventory

When a customer returns a SwapBox, no need to wash it, please keep the returned SwapBoxes in the designated SwapBox bin or bag. 


A SwapBox employee will drop off new inventory and pick up the returned products at scheduled times.

In your partner app, you can track inventory and your environmental impact.


Transparent pay-per-use pricing comparable to disposables

We supply your the inventory, technology, logistics, and cleaning, so you can focus on what's important to you. Our packaging is made in Belgium, using polypropylene plastic - it is microwavable (without lid), dishwasher safe, and recyclable.

SwapBox small, medium & large bowls


200 ml, 1000 ml, 2000 ml

Double Combo Bowl

450 ml + 150 ml

Perfect for soups and sides

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Coffee cups 

400 ml