Circular packaging infrastructures for the food and drinks industry has already been around for a significant amount of time. Some of the most famous examples are the Dutch deposit system on PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) bottles which are commonly used for soft drinks. The other example is the deposit system on beer bottles and crates. We decided to let ourselves to be inspired by these systems but apply them to re-using packaging before recycling them into new plastics. For some of the segments systems, SwapBox strongly suggests to also include a monetary deposit system. There are exceptions because not every business and segment is the same. We always enjoy helping businesses explore how they can implement the SwapBox packaging concept.


There are several ways to apply the circular packaging concept that SwapBox offers. All of the models focus on the same core principle that the packaging is re-used and at the end of life-cycle will be recycled into new SwapBox products. However, different segments demand different approaches. To help its customers, SwapBox has developed different processes for the different segments that it serves. The categories that SwapBox currently serves are restaurants, elderly care, catering and meal services.

For the elderly care industry, SwapBox offers a range of products that are designed for care-homes and have easy to use design features which allow your customers to use them quick and easy.

SwapBox currently offers basic re-usable packaging for restaurants. The products are best suited for cold dishes such as salads and poké bowls.

The re-usable cups that SwapBox offers are perfect for festivals or event locations. SwapBox offers the possibility of customizing the designs on the cups to extend your brand throughout the event.

The SwapBox packaging concept for catering and meal services allows you to cut down on packaging cost and simultaneously improve your carbon footprint. The reusable packaging system also allows you to improve your customer retention.

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