About SwapBox

SwapBox offers hospitality companies like restaurants and caterers the possibility to offer their customers reusable zero-waste packaging without any additional cost for customers. Central to SwapBox is the SwapBox Web App that allows companies to work together with its customers to prevent packaging waste. 


What sets SwapBox apart is the closed-loop in which it produces its products. What is a closed-loop? Once a product has run its lifecycle it will ideally be recycled, however, most of the plastics which are recycled are either downcycled into less qualitative products or end up being burned for energy. This does not meet the standard that SwapBox holds and therefore, asks all partners to return products which are no longer useful. Once the products are returned, they are then brought to our production partner who recycles them into new products.

Why Choose SwapBox?

The reason people choose SwapBox is that the company is managed with transparency and a fresh focus on sustainable innovation. What makes SwapBox so unique is that the packaging products are all developed with sustainability and quality as the main KPI's.  We use our entrepreneurial drive and knowledge to always provide the best packaging solution which we tailor to your organization where necessary.

Sustainability at SwapBox

For SwapBox the definition of sustainability is not a set of rules to adhere to, we believe that sustainability is an always developing and shifting discipline. The primary goal of SwapBox is to eliminate packaging waste created by the food and drinks industry. To achieve our goal we need the right philosophy, which is to create a circular eco-system for food and drinks packaging.


SwapBox' packaging concept aims to be sustainable by reusing materials in two different ways:

  1. Producing packaging that can be reused at least 300x before being recycled.

  2. Recycling in a closed-loop, meaning that all SwapBox packaging products that are not suitable for use will be returned to our manufactures who allow us to produce new SwapBox packaging products from them.

Closed-Loop Recycling

The closed-loop recycling model that SwapBox uses allows us to monitor the total journey of our materials from start to finish. The partners that SwapBox works with are obligated to return every product at the end of its lifecycle. This guarantees the end consumer of the product that the packaging will be processed sustainably. The closed-loop that SwapBox offers tells your customers that they are using and reusing packaging that will eventually be recycled into new products instead of being downcycled or burned for energy.

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